Stop Your Shapewear Rolling Down (or Riding Up) Once and For All!

You purchased your shapewear panty or shorts, and while wearing them, the most annoying thing happened – they started to roll down or ride up! 

Perhaps you’ve tried quite a few different brands, and they all roll down. Now you’re wondering, “is this normal, or did I order the wrong size?” 

The good news is that not all shapewear is the same, or designed with the same level of attention to detail and quality control as others. At Shapermint, we ALWAYS wear-test any products on our marketplace, stocking only the top-rated brands so you can be sure their products will do what they say it will! 

Why does roll down happen? 

Shapewear rolls down or up when you’re not wearing the right size and shapewear style to fit your body type. 

TIP: Getting the right fit will help them stay put. Measure your waist and hips in inches with measuring tape for more accuracy. If you're between sizes, we recommend going a size up if you're looking for super comfort, or size down if you're looking for super compression. 

We have a handy size chart you can use to get the best fit. 

Shapewear size chart

How to stop roll down or riding up?

  1. Non-slip silicone strip: Choose shapewear with a stay-put silicone strip around the waistband to provide a fit you can count on. 

>> Best selling Empetua® All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Panty instantly makes ANY outfit look 10X better and offers a stay-put comfy fit. 

 Empetua shaper panty

  1. Body shaper with straps: Get an over the shoulder body slimmer that offers more support by wrapping over the arm to smooth the tummy and waist, without any chance of rolling down. 

>> Shop comfortable and affordable Empetua® Open Bust Bodysuit Shaper Short – no roll down, no chub rub, even if you sit, stretch or dance.

Oppen bust bodysuit shaping short

  1. High-waisted panty or short: The higher the waistband, the easier it is for it to say-put and create a seamless look over any bloated belly, loose skin, or mum-tum. 

>> Best selling Empetua® All Day Every Day High Waisted Shaper Shorts – voted No.1 shapewear in America is your secret weapon against roll down. 

Empetua High waisted shaper short

Finding the perfect fit for your shapewear is easier than ever. Whether you decide to use our size chart or contact one of out Fit Experts, we’ve got you covered. Shapermint also offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, so you get unlimited exchanges in case your new buy isn’t a perfect match. Leave the hard work to us, girl. You just focus on looking fabulous!