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New Post

Shape Your Self-Love Routine

February 14, 2022 | Shapermint Team

New Post

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Whether you are spending V-day with a partner, a friend, or by yourself, don’t forget to practice self-care and self-love by celebrating a Me-day.

Taking the time to care for our well-being is just as important as loving anyone else. So in order for us to give love without feeling consumed, we need to fill up our self-love tank first.

What is Self-Love?

​​Self-love is treating yourself with kindness and respect. It is also a journey of accepting and embracing who you really are, and being at peace with yourself.

Why is Self-Love Important?

Just like the saying goes - “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. We need to love ourselves first for us to be able to give love. Knowing our worth allows us to make healthy choices and have better relationships with other people.

How can you shape your self-love routine?

Start simple and practice self-love every day until it becomes a habit. Here’s a handy cheat sheet you can save to shape your self-love routine.

Self Love 101

Self-love is not selfish. Don’t ever feel guilty when you put yourself first and prioritize your needs. Remember, self-love is the best love!

Are you ready to take on Valentine’s Day with more self-love? Comment below or connect with us on social @shapermint.

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