7 Shapewear Facts You Need To Know [In 2020] 

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We get it, shopping for high-quality shapewear can be a challenge. That’s why we’re on a mission to make it super easy to buy the best shapewear online. Let's start with the facts, so you can make the best decisions around the type of shapers that are right for you, or your situation. Read on to get the scoop on everything shapewear. 

1. What does shapewear do to your body?

What does shapewear do to your body

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Shapewear helps to sculpt and smooth those troublesome areas. If you have a muffin top, back bulge, sideboob, “saddlebags” thighs, have a mum-tum, or just want to create an even look under your clothes. Shapewear gives you a seamless and flattering shape, offering more compression and versatility for wearing your fave outfits than regular underwear. 

2. Is shapewear body-positive?

Shapewear can be Body positive

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We believe every woman deserves to feel confident in their skin. Some days you just need a little extra help to get there (Ask Venus De Milo!); there’s no shame in shapewear! 3+ million women who power the Shapermint movement see shapewear as an accessory to boost and flaunt and not something to be ashamed of (think of makeup - it’s the same thing, but for our bodies!).

3. Can you wear shapewear after having a baby?

Use shapewear after having a baby

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Absolutely! Postpartum effects on your body can be a trip, and we have a lot of moms who choose to wear shapewear after giving birth. In fact, women wear shapewear for all sorts of reasons, such as after an injury or recovering for a medical condition, and 93% of our 3 million customers wear shapewear during bloaty days.

4. Does shapewear help you lose weight? 

Shapewear doesnt make you loose weight but gives confidence

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Not directly, no. But indirectly we’d say it gives you the confidence to work on your weight and fitness in a pressure-free way that’s proven to motivate you rather than add to your stress. When you feel good, you're more likely to have the energy and drive to achieve your goals, and empowered women are what we’re all about! Just watch our workout moms go!

5. Is shapewear comfortable?

Shapewear is comfortable for everyday use

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Many styles of shapewear are designed for everyday wear. Tested for comfort, only the top styles voted by women make it onto our site. As long as you’ve measured correctly and have the right size for your body type, you’ll find a style that’s comfy for what you need. 

6. Is shapewear only for certain body types?

Shapewear is for all body types

Just like no two bodies are alike, not every piece of shapewear is intended for every shape. But there’s undoubtedly a shaper for everybody! Whether you're a strawberry, pear, or apple shape, the question you need to ask is, “ What level of compression do I want?” and “What area needs a boost?” And you can find that information here. 

7. Is the best shapewear expensive?

Shapewear is not expensive at all!

Gone are the days when there were only a few shapers available at extraordinarily high prices. Shapermint is a marketplace with 12 top-rated brands hand-picked for quality, affordability, and longevity of wear. You don’t need to go expensive to get the best shapewear for your body type, you just need to pick the right size, styles, and level of compression for your needs. Check out all the thousands of reviews on our site to help you make your selection. 

If you’re still stuck after reading, reach out to our team of fit experts on hand 24/7 to chat.