Getting Shapewear

There’s shapewear, there’s sculptwear, there’s trainwear, there are gadgets and gizmos a-plenty. Recently, the shapewear world has been bombarded with awesome new technological innovations and discoveries - but all that evolution has made it kind of hard to know EXACTLY what to look for beyond all these new bells and whistles.

Add body type, stature, weight and even what you’re going to wear that shapewear for into the mix and we’ve got ourselves a brainteaser! So, to make it even easier for you to pick out your new shaping BFF from our Shapermint selection here’s a short video showing you exactly what you need to consider. (You can also find a short transcript at the end - you know, in case you’re not in the mood for some visual learning 😉)

1. Compression and Support

First things first, why are you getting shapewear? Are you looking for an everyday confidence boost? An ally for a special occasion? Just a quick pick-me-up to pull out of your sock drawer every time you need a pep talk?

The longer you are planning on wearing your shapewear, the more comfortable you need it to be. Medium and medium-to-high compression shapewear is excellent for everyday wear, or when you’re just looking for a soft nudge into the confident direction.

But if you’re looking for a major transformation for a special occasion, go for higher-compression shapewear garments - but get ready for some major squeeze! Plus, keep in mind these items are usually harder to put on!

2. Size and Fit

If actually fitting into your clothes is important, imagine what a bad fit can do to your shapewear. Make sure you fully use all the size charts we have available - and don’t be afraid to ask us for help if you need an extra hand! We’ve found that if you feel you’re lacking compression, support or if your shapewear’s waist keeps rolling down, it might really be a sizing issue.

Make sure you’re measuring yourself correctly as well! You can find complete instructions on how to correctly measure your waist, hips, and bust in the Sizing section of our Customer Care center.

Shapewear measurements

3. Fabric and Comfort

Here’s two things to take into account when choosing shapewear fabric. First: what season are we living in (or when do you plan to use it). For warmer, summer months we recommend lighter, softer fabrics that won’t heat you up. For colder seasons, either layer up your summer stash or go for thicker fabrics, which also allow for more compression.

The important thing here is for your shapewear fabric to be BREATHABLE. Imagine sporting a little booster all day long and not letting your body breathe through it - the end result is probably as icky as we imagine.

4. Waist Length

Here’s where body type plays a bigger role, especially stature. The taller you are, the more high-waisted your shapewear should be. However, the opposite is also true: the more petite your body frame, the bigger the chances that high-waisted shapewear might be too long for you.

5. Leg Length

Oh, it doesn’t end there, no. You still have to consider leg length, since most shapewear shorts come in three different standarized lengths:

Curveez Second Skin Thigh SlimmerEmpetua Shaper BoyshortCurveez Ultra Shaping Hip Hugger Bodysuit

Why would you choose a certain length over the other? Comfort, what you’re wearing, if chub rub will be a problem or not… the possibilities are endless. Why not get one of each and see which length works best for you?

6. Roll Down Potential

Finally, we come to our greatest shapewear pet peeve: the waistline rolling down and becoming noticeable under our clothes. This can be a major bummer for ANYONE, so it’s best to take the time to make sure we can avoid this as much as possible.

No Roll Down Shapewear

First off, look for shapewear with some sort of anti-slip technology. Most brands on Shapermint offer garments with anti-slip bands up at the waist. This should do the trick - if it doesn’t, however, make sure your sizing is right. Rolling down can be a sign that your shapewear is too big on you!

Still worried? Leave the panties and shorts for another day and go for a bodysuit instead. There’s no way it can roll down when it’s strapped to your shoulders! 😂