5 Swimsuit Struggles Curvy Women Face (And How to Solve Them)

Finding a swimsuit that celebrates your curves and leaves you feeling confident isn’t always easy. But with summer in full-swing, we thought now would be a great time to remind you that you deserve to enjoy your beach days and your poolside hangouts...not spend them stressing over how your suit is fitting. Here are some plus-size swimsuit woes we’re all-too familiar with, plus a solution that we think you’ll love.

1. Teeny Tiny Trends

Let’s face it. Most of the swimwear trends plastered on major advertisements and featured in department stores are not geared towards fuller figures (aka most real women.). From flimsy triangle tops to elaborate cut-out designs, a lot of what’s out there simply doesn’t make sense from a practical standpoint.

2. Limited Sizes

Say you do find a swimsuit style you love. Yay! Except...not necessarily. We know the disappointing experience of falling in love with a style only to then learn that it simply doesn’t come in your size.

3. Plus-Price

Being expected to pay more (sometimes, significantly more) for plus-size swimwear is a uniquely frustrating struggle that just makes the already-annoying process of finding a curve-friendly suit that much more of a hassle.

4. Too Cheeky for Comfort

Finding a suit with just the right amount of coverage is almost always a challenge. Sometimes it seems that everything is either too frumpy or too sexy. Searching for a suit within that covered-but-not-overly-exposed sweet spot can be downright exhausting, not-to-mention discouraging.

5. Unsupportive

A quality plus-size swimsuit is about more than just being the right size. Poor-quality material and a lack of attention-to-details can often mean that even though a suit “fits,” it still leaves you feeling self-conscious, when you should be feeling care-free.

The solution to these full-figured swimsuit dilemmas? Drum roll please…

We designed a swimsuit bottom that addresses these issues and more, and we think you’re going to love it. The Empetua™ High-Waisted Control Bikini Bottom is our stress-free solution to shopping for plus-size swimwear.

Everything about this versatile summer staple was designed with you in mind. An already-flattering silhouette is made even more comfortably with the addition of a subtle shaping tummy panel. Endlessly-versatile, this chic, high-waisted wonder is the swimwear piece you’ve been waiting for. Try it out for yourself, and make this the summer you finally splash and swim with total confidence...no sucking-in or second-guessing necessary.