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Simple At-Home Style Tips For Curvy Girls

April 8, 2020 | Shapermint Team

New Post

You’ve seen the ads and watched your fave celebrities rave about the benefits of shapewear, and it got you thinking, can it work for me?

The simple answer is yes!

Shapewear can give you a confidence boost to look and feel your best, even when you’re stuck inside all day.

You see, shapewear isn’t just for special days. It’s for every day, or any time you feel you need a boost. And, let’s face it, with higher stress levels than usual we could all do with a pick-me-up!

Shapewear helps you stay in control to handle anything that comes your way confidently. Think of it this way; it takes care of you while you take care of the rest! Now that’s our kind of at-home support.

Gone are the days of hiding your curves behind baggy or poor fitting clothes, even around the home. Shapewear has come a long way since corsets and girdles! Now there are styles made specifically for lounging in comfort while still offering support to accentuate your beautiful body.

Just as there are a wider variety of plus-size clothing on the market, as are there a greater range of shapewear to suit different body types. You can learn to dress in a way that expresses who you are -while flaunting whatchya got- instead of “dressing to hide”.

Are curvy girl bodies all the same?

Now, you may have heard people say “curvy girl bodies are all the same” which of course is totally crazy! Just as there are many ways to be confident, there are many plus-size body types.

Maybe you have a rectangle, strawberry, apple, pear or hourglass figure. Understanding your natural silhouette will help you to see the beauty in your body and be able to pick the right shaper to boost what you’ve got.

Read: A Quick Guide To Choosing The Best Shapewear for Your Body Type

Body types and shapewears

Can you really wear shapewear at home?

We get it, usually the first thought for shapewear is wearing it as a way to dress to impress in the outside world. But hey, stay-home parties, cosy date nights in and remote working has made what you wear on the inside now just as important.

The amount of compression and support you need will depend on the occasion and the outfit––and what makes you most comfortable.

Lounge wear: Forget PJs, and baggy oversized Tees. Get the kind of loungewear that offers all-day comfort without compromising on support. Now with light-medium compression bras, camis and leggings, you can workout, Netflix and Chill or chase the kids around the house in style!

Remote work wear: Get control back over your time and productivity, by feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear to your at-home office. When you show up to work feeling your best in high-waisted shaper boyshorts, for example, you’ll be ready to boss whatever comes your way!

Evening wear: Just because we’re home all day doesn’t mean we can’t look damn good! Maybe the daytime calls for a relaxed look, but there’s nothing to say that you can’t slip into something a little more sensual come evening time to feel fine under your clothes. Stay-at-home date nights are a great way to reconnect with your loved one and our bodylicious bodysuits are a one-stop-shop for sexy.

Our amazing body positive #ShapermintGal, Kristy Taylor (@dressedfortime) is wearing a Torsette Thigh Slimmer from Miraclesuit, which provides extra-firm coverage without constricting.

ShapermintGal Kristy Taylor

Closet staples for the stay-home season

Here our style editor’s suggest their top picks for comfort and confidence during the stay-home season.

Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra

Truekind Everyday Essential Throw-on Wirefree Bra

Because we all need a little support right now, get the only bra guaranteed to help you move through your day in comfort; stretch, work, cook and chill this throw-on bra has got your back.

Look good, feel confident and stay in control no matter what comes your way with the Truekind™ bra voted most comfortable by women just like you. As comfy as a second skin, it’s soft, light-weight and breathable, and totally liberating!

Empetua® High Waisted Shaping Leggings

Empetua High Waisted Shaping Leggings

Give your curves a 360-degree hug for all-day comfort chilling at home. One of our most popular pieces, the Empetua Shaping Leggings, has won over thousands of plus-size women with comfortable fabric that smoothes dimples, muffin tops and knee-rolls without being see-through.

Empetua® All Day Every Day Scoop Neck Cami

Empetua All Day Every Day Scoop Neck Cami

Feeling frumpy? Pair control camis with a linen shirt for instant at-home chic! If you’ve had enough of oversized tops, or ill-fitting camis – you need this in your life! Feel like you’re getting a gentle hug throughout the day, with total support for your upper body in a style that looks glamorous enough to boss any remote meeting.

Empetua™ All Day Every Day High Waisted Shaper Boyshort

Empetua All Day Every Day High Waisted Shaper Boyshort

If you’re sitting, or even moving around all day the extra coverage around your inner thighs can protect against chafing and irritation (aka “chub rub”). When you choose the right size, they stay in place without cutting into your skin.

This gorgeous model is wearing a pair of our best-selling, which offers comfortable, lightweight support without leaving you sweaty.

Empetua® All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Panty

Empetua All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Panty

Does your tummy pooch make wearing waistbands uncomfortable? I mean we love leggings for the simple reason they are comfy and aren’t restricting like most underwear. The Empetua High-Waisted Shaper Panty changes everything! One of our bestsellers with women owning up to 5 pairs on average, they’re your ultimate at-home comfy companion.

Bali® Lace N' Smooth Firm Control Full Body Shaper

Bali® Lace N' Smooth Firm Control Full Body Shaper

Feel pretty and comfortable with this racy number! Bodysuit (or leotard) style shapewear provides all-over support and contouring for your torso, back, butt and thighs. Some styles come with a brief cut, and others help avoid “chub-rub,” but here you get smoothing, breathable comfort in a style to set pulses racing.

Shapewear is a safe bet for your curvy style?

There might be a lot of uncertainty right now, but there’s one thing you can count on for sure. No matter your size, you can move through life with XXL confidence. With smoothing, comfortable, seamless coverage from your plus size shapewear, you can take back your control, feel empowered to live your best at-home life, and focus on what matters most. So go on, you’ve got this!

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