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Shapermint TV – Where Women Grow Together In Confidence

March 11, 2020 | Shapermint Team

Women come in all shapes and sizes – why should our opinions be any different? Here at Shapermint, we embrace diversity and encourage women to feel confident expressing themselves.

But, conversations about how we feel about our bodies, and difficult life-stage moments like pregnancy and menopause, along with the everyday stuff like are we exercising enough, or eating the right things, can at times, feel stressful.

There’s no one-size-fits-all situation in life (as there isn’t in shapewear!). And even though we may feel self-conscious about our opinions, we must engage regularly in healthy debate to build confidence and encourage acceptance of our shared differences.

After all, speaking up about the tough stuff, and sharing hard-earned wisdom is what makes Shapermint Gals so awesome, right?

SO, we decided to start our very own TV channel – Shapermint TV – where we could bring women together to talk, teach, and learn about topics and themes at the very core of female life.

On Shapermint TV, you’ll hear from fitness and style experts and those who’ve been there, done that. Even the most “put together” experts struggle with confidence – so rest assured, you’re not alone!

You can tune in on the website hub, watch it on Instagram stories, or subscribe to all the latest episodes on Youtube.

Get tutorials, fashion tips, exercise routines, and more to help you stretch outside your comfort zone, build your self-love practice, and watch your confidence grow, grow, grow, Shapermint Gal!

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