shaping leggings

Our offices are flooded with new designs from new and existing brands (yes, coming soon!) and we’re noticing an influx of really clever shaping leggings designs. But, how to know if they really work? Read on.

The main idea behind shaping leggings is that they combine the magical powers of shapewear (which we love) with leggings (which everyone loves).

Seems sent from heaven, right?

But we’ve come across a WHOLE LOT of these babies that claim to smooth, lift and cover up but actually do nothing.

So what are we looking for in shaping leggings before letting them into our store? Watch the video to find out.

 So there you have it:

  • Tummy compression ✔️
  • Coverage ✔️
  • Butt-lifting ✔️

We want to FEEL in control, FLAUNT our curves and be able to wear them as-is without feeling that every step is an X-ray straight to our jiggly bits. Luckily, we’ve found a few really awesome shaping leggings to feature in our store, our best seller is the Empetua shaping leggings.

Anything else you’d like us to consider when choosing what leggings -or shapewear- to feature in our store? Tell us on Facebook or on our Instagram - we live for this stuff!