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Empetua™ All Day Every Day High Waisted Shaper Shorts

$21.99 $55.00 10470 reviews

Empetua™ All Day Every Day High Waisted Shaper Boyshort

$20.99 $53.00 710 reviews

Empetua™ Fresh Control Mid-Waist Shaper Bike Shorts

$26.99 $45.00 34 reviews

Empetua™ Everyday Smoothing Short

$21.99 $40.00 22 reviews

Empetua™ Everyday Smoothing Boyshort

$19.99 $38.00 26 reviews

Curveez® Second Skin Thigh Slimmer

$20.99 $25.00 111 reviews

Curveez® Everyday Shaping Boyshort

$18.99 $22.00 106 reviews

TC® Cool on You High Waisted Thigh Slimmer

$68.00 4 reviews

Curveez® Perfect Shape Boyshort

$25.99 $30.00 61 reviews

Curveez® Comfort Evolution High Waist Thigh Slimmer

$33.99 $40.00 95 reviews

Maidenform® Firm Foundations Thigh Slimmer

$36.99 $43.00 12 reviews

TC® Triple Midriff Shaping High Waisted Thigh Slimmer

$72.00 7 reviews

Maidenform® Sexy Shapewear Thigh Slimmer

$49.99 $58.00 3 reviews

Miraclesuit® Shape Away® High Waisted Thigh Slimmer

$57.99 $64.00 26 reviews

Curveez® Signature Control High Waist Boyshort

$32.99 $39.00 343 reviews

Curveez® Ever Sexy Boyshort

$42.99 $50.00 64 reviews

Miraclesuit® Sexy Sheer Shaping High Waisted Thigh Slimmer

$43.99 $49.00 50 reviews

Miraclesuit®️ Tummy Tuck High Thigh Slimmer

$52.99 $59.00 17 reviews

Miraclesuit® Flexible Fit Plus High Waisted Thigh Slimmer

$58.99 $65.00 2 reviews

TC® Lux Comfort High Waist Boyshort

$48.00 5 reviews

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Shaper Shorts and High Waisted Shaping Shorts

Want your outfits to look 10x better? You don’t need a magic wand or super powers... a great pair of shaping shorts will do!

Women’s boyshorts and thigh slimmers are the secret weapon women use in the battle against back fat and muffin tops...they don’t stand a chance! Nothing feels better than knowing your jiggly bits are under complete, 360 control, right? It’s the ultimate in stress-free dressing. No wonder so many women reach for their shorts before putting on their skinny jeans or that little black dress ;) Shaper shorts are definitely something no wardrobe should be without!

Yes, boyshort shapewear provides comfortable control for all those pesky ‘problem’ areas (you know the ones I’m talkin’ about). They’re designed to be super butt-lifters, too, helping your butt look like a perky little peach. Imagine how great that pencil skirt would look! Get high-waisted boyshorts if you want to cinch in your waist and get that ‘snatched in’ look. They’ll smooth out the ‘handles’ while leaving all the love...your wrap-around dress will look like it was tailor made, just for you. Gorgeous!

Looking for a little more coverage and control?

High-waisted thigh slimmers are the ticket if you’re looking for a super-contoured look--from mirdif to thighs. They’re waist-sculpting, tummy-tucking, thigh slimming wonders! Wear them under dresses, slacks, or even the skinniest skinny jeans...quite honestly, confidence never looked so cute!

And here’s an added bonus: there’s no need to suffer from ‘chub rub’ on a hot summer’s day. Thigh slimmers not only slim and reduce bulge, they protect you from painful chafing, too.

Are you concerned about lines and seams giving away your secret? No worries, girlfriend! Shaping shorts are designed to be seamless, so the only visible effect it has is on your confidence, which will skyrocket!

When you look good, you feel amazing!

Boyshorts and thigh slimmers provide perfect support under all your favorite outfits...but you’ll definitely want more than one pair!

Fortunately, Shapermint offers a variety of styles, fabrics and compression levels to choose can find a pair to suit any outfit and any occasion. Happy shopping!