Berkshire® The Easy On!™ Luxe Sheer Support Pantyhose - 40 Denier

$12.60 $18.00 1 review

Berkshire® The Easy On!™ Luxe Sheer Ultra Nude Pantyhose - 10 Denier

$12.60 $18.00

Berkshire® Ultra Sheer Pantyhose

$6.27 $8.95

Berkshire® Queen Ultra Sheer Pantyhose

$6.97 $9.95

Berkshire® Queen Shimmers Ultra Sheer Pantyhose

$6.97 $9.95

Berkshire® In Control Tummy & Thigh Shaper

$6.97 $9.95

Berkshire® Flat Tummy Shaper

$9.80 $14.00

Berkshire® Shimmers Ultra Sheer Pantyhose

$6.97 $8.95

Berkshire hosiery

Berkshire use only the finest materials to create the highest quality hosiery products for your style and comfort. They are committed to creating the fashionable sheers to fit every body for every occasion.

Berkshire designs all of their sheer stockings to fit your body perfectly and constructs each size differently adapting to your curves, unlike other brands that only manufacture larger sizes for plus size women.

Berkshire tights are so much more than your everyday pantyhose, as their seamless style with reinforced spandex will slim your tummy and firm up your backside with all-day comfort. Providing you with styles and graduated compression that will tone and smooth your entire lower body from the tips of your toes to your midsection.

Find the ideal style today for a seamless look under your clothes with the support and comfort you need for all of your everyday activities. Get ready to show off your legs with the Berkshire pantyhose and sheers. Believe us, your legs will thank you!