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Women Buzz

4 Reasons why women are
obsessed with these leggings

The years-long debate over whether women should wear leggings in public — and when — is somehow still raging. Finally it seems that there is some hope for those that still want to wear leggings and look flattering at the same time.

1. Forget about the see-through effect

Yes, you know how it feels. It's almost like you are feeling exposed all day long. These leggings are designed with a seamless fabric that have been squat-tested by hundreds of women.

2. Instant Flattering look

Have you ever tried leggings that are comfortable but that doesn’t really give you that smooth look? These Shaping Leggings give you that flattering look in seconds and the most important thing is that they are so comfortable you can use them
All Day. Every. Day. Literally.

3. Extremely comfortable-Confirmed by thousands of raving fans

You won't lose the comfort of leggings, at all. The stretchy technology makes it easy to fit like a glove and feels like a second skin. There are even videos of fans jumping and exercising in them.

4. Most versatile leggings ever

Think about how much you will save by having 2-3 pair of leggings that could perfectly pair with all your clothes. Leggings weren’t really designed to fit everyone, these leggings from Shapermint are truly inclusive so you can get a perfect look combining with any outfit!

Bonus: 5. Budgeting? Oh this is perfect!

Women are paying $70 to $100 for a single pair of leggings. They are really overpaying. The Shapermint’s Shaping Leggings are less than half the price of your average leggings.! It’s Shapermint’s mission to offer amazing quality products at great prices.
With pricing this good for leggings this good, you will never go back to buy those expensive leggings.
If all of this is not enough, they are actually 40% OFF Today, yeah we told you they had great prices. Bonus tip: Ah, and you get free shipping if you buy 2!

Love them and going to order another pair!

“I am 58 years old and have never worn leggings before. These are thicker and more sturdy than I envisioned and I LOVE them! So comfy, doesn't roll down at the waist, can't see cellulite and not so tight I can't breathe.”

Yep. I am shapelier in my Shapermints:)

“A surprising feel to the fabric... never felt that before. I am considering returning for a swap out to the medium size. at least for the navy blue--maybe both.”

Comfortable and slimming

“I had a baby in March, so naturally I have a bit of a tummy and became a little “flabby”. I lost all my baby weight and more with diet and exercise, but was still uncomfortable wearing form fitting clothing. These leggings keep everything feeling nice and tight under my clothes, they’re slimming, breathable, never roll down or feel to constricting. I plan on buying more before I go back to work.”

Are you ready to test the new generation of leggings?

Leggings that gives you a flattering look with the comfort of sweatpants!

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June 21, 2024


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