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This Valentine’s we want you to Step into Self-Love.
Be front and center, to celebrate your curves and feel confident every day.

Step into Self-Love. Celebrate Your Shape.
Wear Confidence.

Let’s Step Into Self-Love

Let’s Step Into Self-Love

Watch real women share why they’re stepping into
self-love, body acceptance, and the collective
confidence we can evoke when we share our true
selves with the world.

Share this video and spread self-love!

How does social media make us feel?

Social media can greatly impact how we feel about ourselves and our bodies. To shed light on this modern dynamic,
we surveyed a diverse group of 3,000 women to unveil how social media and edited photos can impact body image.

The Perfect Shape Filter

Join the confidence movement
on social media and
step into self-love with
our new Perfect Shape Instagram filter.


To try the filter, please view this link on your mobile device.
You will need an Instagram account.

The Perfect
Shape Filter

Meet Our Ambassadors

They’re real women with real passion about shaping change and body positivity. Shapermint Crew members Bralmarys Batista, Pamela Rodriguez, and Taylor Coley stepped into self-love and share their self-love journey with the world.

Join the Crew

Angela Rihiiluoma, model, singer, and body positive influencer steps into self-love because she believes her potential demands it.

Pamela Rodriguez, Shapermint Brand Ambassador and lifestyle content creator steps into self-love, because she brings magic, love and happiness to everyone she meets.


Our community sets self-love in motion every day in their Shapermint SupportiveWear essentials.

Join the Movement