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Playtex Maternity Bras

What type of bras are Playtex? Ladies, we get it. Having a baby is a special journey that requires special nursing bras. From breast size constantly changing to a unique need for front access, soft cups, lining designed for leaks, and more - we put together this collection of Playtex Maternity bras just for nursing mommas.

Unsure of what the best nursing bras include? Don’t worry we have you covered.

Normally mothers that have just had a baby experience pain and irritation in their breasts due to chest size always changing and sensitivity of the skin around the area. To bring support to this constant change and discomfort, when choosing a maternity bra it is ideal to pick a style that has a flexible fit and soft materials. In this collection, we include wireless and wire Playtex nursers that all feature buttery smooth, stretchy fabric that forms to your size. On top of that, each bra here includes incredible all day and night reinforcement that you can relax in. With extra side slings, wide non-dig straps, foam cups, and more - in these Playtex Maternity bras, you’ll enjoy every moment caring for your newborn.

What is the most important feature? Beyond concerns of size, support, and comfort. Perhaps the most important feature of a feeding bra is the ability to effortlessly open it from the front. The Playtex bras all feature Quickstrap clips located above each cup. When it is time to feed, simply pop the closure clip and pull down the cup. Your chest will never be left unsupported however you’ll fall in love with how simple the design is to use. No more awkward fumbling or reaching. Great for nursing while in public, this design will help you to feel secure and never exposed.