Most Comfortable Shapewear on Shapermint

We all know the horror stories - and most of them revolve around how uncomfortable shapewear can feel. It’s gotten so bad that, for many women, comfortable shapewear just seems like a contradiction.

But it is NOT. Comfortable shapewear is actually one of the main drivers behind our inspiration for launching Shapermint. Did you know that we take down any products that have less than 3.5-star average reviews in our site? That’s how serious we take comfort - and that’s also why we offer free exchanges so that all customers can find the perfect, comfortable shapewear for their own body.

So for this week, we asked our #ShapermintGals on social media to share their thoughts on what’s the most comfortable shapewear they found on Shapermint so far - and why! Read on to find out 😉

1) Empetua® All Day Every Day High Waisted Shaper Shorts

Comfort is not only about invisible panty lines and not feeling like something is trying to squeeze the life out of your body - sometimes it’s just about finding the perfect accessory for that little black dress.

As @daniellehabash puts it, “Shapewear is not about hiding our bodies, but celebrating our curves”. And you can’t really be celebrating if you’re thinking “I can’t wait to take this damn thing off”!

In this picture, she’s wearing the Empetua Shaper Shorts, and you can notice the “I’m gonna conquer the world” look on her face. Thanks for the input, Danielle!

Photo shared by Danielle

Maria (or @thefashionseekers_ - you should check her out!) is a mama & an all-in fashion gal who had her world turned around once she changed from slips to these Shaper Shorts. As she writes, this change has been a total game changer. “Not only does it tuck you in, it prevents those unwanted panty lines!” she writes. “I feel confident knowing my undergarments are not visible, especially when wearing light dresses or skirts.”

You can grab your own comfy shaper shorts right over here.

2) The Curveez® Second Skin Hip Hugger Bodysuit

They say bodysuits are the new black in shapewear and we can see why. It’s the only sure-fire way to avoid any annoying rolling at the top, plus it offers full, confident-infusing coverage for most of the day.

The secret to making it your new bff? Find one that’s comfortable enough to forget it’s even there. Olivia from @oliviaproach found her bodysuit soulmate in this hip-hugging shaper suit. “It’s comfortable, affordable and available in different sizes and colors!” she writes.

Photo shared by Olivia Roach

Find the same bodysuit Olivia got here, or check out our entire collection of bodysuits.

3) Empetua® All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Panty

It takes the stand again! We’re always running out of stock and restocking this baby. Our #ShapermintGals can’t seem to get enough of it and, apparently, comfort has a huge role to play in this.

It’s easy to feel a bit self-conscious when things are fitting a little funny”, writes Morgan (@morgankayyy). But the Empetua® All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Panty helps her feel more comfortable in her own skin on those not-so-confident days. Just a little bit of added comfort to her walk!

By wearing shapewear on occasion, it does NOT mean that I dislike my body in any way at all - sometimes I just need to feel secure if I’m gonna rock a skin-tight dress”. We hear you, Morgan!

hoto by Morgan Andersen in Los Angeles

And it’s not just Morgan - ask Angelica! She needed an extra comfy boost to feel awesome for her date and relied on this panties to do just that. “I haven’t worn this dress in a couple of months and was so nervous it would be super tight”, she writes from her Instagram profile, @petitemamawithcoffee. “This helped make this dress more comfortable and flattering. I’m ready for my date!”

Photo shared by Angelica

Grab your own pair of All Day, Every Day Shaper Panties here!

And how about you? What shapewear helps you forget you’re wearing it? Would you go for a more knee-high cover-up or something with less coverage? Drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know!