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New on Shapermint: Shaping Swimwear (Yes, Ladies, This Exists!)

July 5, 2018 | Shapermint Team

New Post

Thought we were done with summer shapewear? Not a chance! Here at Shapermint we’re THRILLED to finally get to share with you one of the awesome projects we’ve been working on since we launched: shaping swimwear, now available in your favorite shapewear store!

As some of our most observant customers have noticed, we recently secretly added a swimwear collection to our website featuring different body shaping swimsuits plus one beachwear option you’ll definitely love. You can obviously already shop for all them right now - just take your pick!

How Does Shaping Swimwear Work?

No matter how hard we’ve worked on loving ourselves all winter long, there’s always a time come summer that we realize that maybe, just maybe, we’re not psychological ready for our new, cooler wardrobe. Dresses get shorter and tighter, tops lose their sleeves, pants lose most of their legs and then, suddenly, it hits us: we’re supposed to start sporting swimwear and beachwear now. Uh-oh.

Body molding or body sculpting swimwear seriously offers the best of both worlds: shapewear you can actually wear as-is and get wet, no problem. How do they do this? Their designs often offer a double layer of control, with an inner lining that’s sewn in such a way that, when put on, the swimsuit compresses and molds - very much as shapewear would.

Combine this with geometric designs that play with your body’s natural curves and voila - we’ve got a winner swimsuit that’ll actually make you feel and look more in control. Even underwater!

So what’s your favorite style? Check all of them in our swimwear collection and try one for yourself - we’re dying to know what you think!

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