• Rachel says...

    My mother has had alopecia all my life and it has been very painful for her.Not physically painful but just dealing with rude comments and stares.I love Dani’s story and can feel her strength. I’m so happy she has been able to empower and accept herself. She is beautiful, just like my mother! Thank you for sharing her story.On a side note, I love everything from Shapermint!! It has changed my life for the good.

    Oct 12, 2020

  • Donell says...

    I loved this article. I am an older lady and had thinning hair so I had to ware a wig, nothing else would help me. I loved that Dani is so brave, she is my inspiration now to keep my head shaved and only wear a wig if I want to, not worrying about anyone else. Thank You Dani.

    Sep 25, 2020

  • Emmy says...

    What a beautiful and inspiring woman..
    Thank you for this article.

    Sep 22, 2020