The right style of Shapewear

Choosing the right style of shapewear can be daunting, especially if you’re a first-timer. What could be more challenging is doing it virtually. No fitting rooms, no shopping assistants. Don’t you worry, here at Shapermint, your shopping experience is guaranteed to be a breeze. We’ll show you the easiest way of finding the right shapewear style with this smart guide.

First things first… sizing!

How To Take Measurements

The key to having the perfect fit is getting the right size. What you’ll need: soft fabric or vinyl measuring tape.

Waist - Remove or wear thin clothing, and wrap measuring tape around your waist, typically at navel level or just above.

Hips - Put your feet together, measure the fullest part of your hips and butt by wrapping a measuring tape around you.

Bust - Ideally done without a bra on, wrap the measuring tape around your torso to the fullest part of your breasts - make sure the tape is covering your nipple area.

How To Take Measurements Shapewear

Now that you have your measurements ready, the next thing we need to consider is when you’re going to wear your shapewear. You may get overwhelmed by the different styles and kinds of shapewear, and the more choices, the more confusing it gets. We’ve put together the best styles you’ll reach for on different occasions.

Everyday Wear

Comfortable support is what you need. The ideal shapewear compression for everyday wear ranges from low to medium, enough to smooth and accentuate your natural curves.

For Your Work Attire

Don’t let unflattering outfits ruin your presentation, whether it’s in real life or online. These styles will level up your boss babe look without the tugging and pulling.

Special Events or Formal Occasions

A firmer control or higher compression will smooth your curves and give you the highest level of support under your dress.

If your dress’s fabric is slightly thinner, like silk or satin, invisible yet reliable support is what you need. Go flaunt your curves without the visible panty lines with these styles.

If your goal is to take an inch or two off your waist, you may opt for a Waist Trainer or a Waist Cincher. Here’s a quick guide to waist training.

Are you the next bride? Bridesmaid? Or a guest? We also have the best Wedding Shapewear here.

You don’t need to count on shapewear alone to feel supported and smoothed out. Aside from the typical shapewear style of panties, shorts and slips, there are other essentials that you can reach for that will also give the same support and smoothing effect you’re looking for.

Your Everyday Essentials

You’ll need comfortable and versatile pieces that are very easy to style.

For Working Out

Stretchable and sweat-wicking fabrics are your go-to’s when you’re feeling a little active.

For Fashion-Forward Days

You can be stylish too while staying supported with these pieces you can count on.

Shapewear is for EVERY BODY. From petite to curvy, we got you covered. You can check out our Plus Size Shapewear collection and also our Guide To Choosing The Best Shapewear for Your Body Type.

Knowing how to pick the right style of shapewear will not only make your outfits enhance your curves. It will also save you a lot of time. You won’t need a cheat sheet of which shapewear to use when. Just one look at that outfit, and you’ll immediately know which shapewear to pick. Now that’s what you called a shaper match!

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