Best Everyday Shapewear

HELLO July! We’ve finally forgotten what the cold feels like and can close our eyes, look towards the sun and soak in those warm, summer rays… or cower away from the elements while blasting the AC unit right in our faces. You know, whatever tickles your fancy 😉

Sweating buckets on the sidewalk or shivering in our desk space, it’s hard to feel confident 👏🏼every 👏🏼single 👏🏼day - especially when you’re down in a summer rut. So we once again reached out to our #ShapermintGals on social media to find out what their fave Shapermint everyday shapewear for this summer is. Buckle up for a confidence-boosting selection!

What do #ShapermintGals Think is the Perfect Shapewear for Everyday Wear?

1) Empetua™ All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Panty

Empetua shaper panty

Quick! What do @itsmekassidee, @theevrydaygirl and @hilarynoori have in common? They chose the Empetua™ All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Panty as their favorite summer shapewear staple ;-) Kassidee even made an entire video dedicated to this Empetua shapewear, claiming comfort to be the number one feature for this seasonal bestseller:

Hilary even took her everyday shaping panties with her to a wedding, deciding to put them on half way through. “Last minute I couldn’t fit into my dress because I decided to eat a little too much 😅,” she writes. “I have spent so much on shapewear in the past and hated it, but this shapewear helped so much - and was so comfortable!”

As for Kianna, her favorite aspect was how this shaper brief actually showed off her curves instead of hiding them away. “Even though I’ve lost weight recently, I still get self conscious about my midsection, especially in certain pieces,” she writes. “I love this shapewear I just got from Shapermint! I love how they embrase your curves while still looking put together! 💕”

2) Empetua™ All Day Every Day Shaper Short

Empetua shaper short

Once again in our overall best-selling Top 3, the Empetua Shaper Short still continues to be a summer favorite. Just ask Antonnette, who wore hers for an entire week to try out with different outfits:

But of course, our favorite feedback is when our #ShapermintGals get real about their shapewear habits. Julianne, for instance, is wearing her shaper short while growing to love her post-baby body again. “I’m still constantly reminding myself that it’s totally okay that my body looks different than before I had my baby,” she writes on her instagram, @stylebyjulianne. “I’ve been wearing the Shapermint Shaper Shorts with everything and now I’m feeling even more confident about showing off my new curves!”

A publication shared by Julianne (@stylebyjulianne) the

And Naomi agrees! “My motto is LOOK your best, FEEL your best, BE your best! Shapermint helps me do just that,” she writes on @coffee.lipstick.go. “So glad to have their awesome pieces to make my outfit come together!”

3) Curveez Ever Sexy Boyshort

Curveez Ever Sexy Boyshort

And while we’re at it, why not treat yourself every single day? There’s no need to go for nude, tan or basic shapewear when you can add a little pep to your walk with the Curveez Ever Sexy Boyshort. It’ll be like wearing a secret all day long 😉

“My body has gone through some extreme changes in the past 10 years, some of which I’m happy about and others I’m working on loving!” says Whitney on @darlingmaven. She says shapewear has given her the confidence to wear items in her closet she constantly passes up (which probably already looked amazing on her, btw!). As for the Racy Lacy Boyshort? “These are super breathable while still offering support. And, best of all, they are affordable!” she says.

And how about you? What’s your favorite everyday shapewear this summer? Would you go for a seamless, invisible look or something a little more flashy like the Curveez Hip-Hugger? Drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram and let us know!