Best Everyday Shapewear

Summer’s the best time to soak up the sun and break out all of your favorite outfits. What makes every look complete? The right shapewear of course. To help give you some inspiration, we rounded up some of our favorite influencers to share their best summer essentials. These must-have pieces will help you feel your best on all of your summer trips and outings.

1. Empetua® All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Panty

Quick! What does Stephanie V. Demetrios (@abstractsmile) and Kianna (@athomewithkianna) have in common? They both chose the Empetua® All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Panty as their favorite summer shapewear staple.

Stephanie says "After having Lucas, my body went through extreme changes. When Shapermint asked me to collaborate with them, I was really ecstatic to be an ambassador for a company that is all about body positivity. Embrace your curves, live confidently." ❤️

As for Kianna, her favorite aspect was how this shaper brief actually showed off her curves instead of hiding them away. “Even though I’ve lost weight recently, I still get self-conscious about my midsection, especially in certain pieces” she writes.I love this shapewear I just got from Shapermint! I love how they embrace your curves while still looking put together!” 💕

2. Empetua® All Day Every Day High Waisted Shaper Shorts

Once again, in our overall best-selling Top 5 products, the Empetua Shaper Short still continues to be a summer favorite. Just ask Antonnette, who wore hers for an entire week to try out with different outfits.

And the amazing Danielle (@daniela_diaries) chose this shapewear staple for its full coverage and comfy, snug fit. “I like them because they are long - they do come up high. Plus, they have that gripper up top that’ll grip just on your upper breast line”. Perfect for those I’m-so-not-ready-for-summer moments hit!

Another of our best-loved YouTube gals, Stephanie Macedo (@stephgmacedo), seems to agree. “They’re super comfy, and super movable - I love the fabric, it's super soft,” she says in her review. “And I love how it still gives me that compression but I'm still able to move in it”.

But of course, our favorite feedback is when our #ShapermintGals get real about their shapewear habits. Julianne, for instance, is wearing her shaper shorts while growing to love her post-baby body again. “I’m still constantly reminding myself that it’s totally okay that my body looks different than before I had my baby,” she writes on her instagram, @stylebyjulianne. “I’ve been wearing the Shapermint Shaper Shorts with everything and now I’m feeling even more confident about showing off my new curves!

And Naomi agrees! “My motto is LOOK your best, FEEL your best, BE your best! Shapermint helps me do just that” she writes on @coffee.lipstick.go. “So glad to have their awesome pieces to make my outfit come together!

3. Curveez® Perfect Shape Boyshort

You know you’ve hit gold when a shapewear item doesn’t just fall into one person’s faves but TWO! Our Curveez product was a shapewear favorite for both our instagram faves Claudia Candelas (@claudiacandelas) and Ijeoma Kola (@ijeomakola) from

I love that the shapewear doesn’t ride up nor down, and hugs you in all the right places!” was Claudia’s verdict, while Ijeoma (looking like a bona fide MERMAID - SO JEALOUS) loved how the hip hugger boyshort helped celebrate her curves. “Shapewear should help celebrate your curves, not make you feel ashamed of them”, she wrote. Preach!

So listen up, ladies - if you’re looking for a little more luxe in your summer shapewear game, then this Curveez boyshort is definitely the way to go!

4. Curveez® Second Skin Hip Hugger Bodysuit

Introducing the bodysuit you won’t want to take off! This shapewear preferred got two different shoutouts by not one but two of our Instagram faves: Raeann Langas (@raeannlangas) and Rechelle Lewis (@rechellelewis).

This shapewear is lightweight and comfortable, and perfect to slip under a tank dress like this one”, was Raeann’s main takeaway of her bodysuit. And you can tell she feels awesome just from the pic alone!

As for Rechelle, she went the tops-and-pants route with amazing results - but we were the ones blushing by the end of her post. “I love the extra support and appreciate a company who empowers women to love their bodies!” she said. Gosh, Rechelle - your words make US proud!

5. Curveez® Essential Square Neck Control Tank

And last - but definitely not least- our most heartfelt review in a long, long time. Meet Justine Marie (@justinemarie55) - mom of two pretty darn cute kids and SO brave for sharing this piece on her postpartum body. Seriously, you need to bookmark her entire video for later viewing, ASAP.

She’s chosen a classic cami from Curveez. It’s her summer choice because it helps her feel less self-conscious about her tummy after her C-section. With this staple, she’s ready to rule the world. The awesome thing about this cami is that you can actually wear it as-is or underneath your clothes.

I love that it looks casual enough to chase a toddler but also magically makes love handles vanish and flattens that postpartum belly!” she says on her Instagram account. Here she is wearing it as-is and ROCKING her look! Check her out:

We hope you have fun shopping for shapewear!

What’s your favorite everyday shapewear this summer? Would you go for a seamless, invisible look or something a little more flashy like the Curveez Hip-Hugger? Tag us on Instagram in your photos and let us know! @shapermint.