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Time to say bye-bye to summer: fall is on its way! But wait: just because the weather is getting a little nippy doesn’t mean you have to say buh-bye to your legs until spring. With the right pair of tights, stockings or pantyhose, you can rock a leggy fall look while adding a light layer of warmth that can weather any weather.

With a wide variety of textures, colors and sheerness, hosiery can transform the look of an outfit. But those of us with curves can have a hard time finding the perfect fitting pair of hose.

Seriously: who hasn’t suffered from the following hosiery mishaps?

The Dreaded “Penguin Crotch”

The crotch of your pantyhose rides so low that you waddle like a certain flightless tuxedoed bird.

The Embarrassing “Elephant Ankle”

Your stretched-out tights make wrinkles around your ankles. Attractive.

Elephant Ankle

The “Really Annoying Roll Down”

The tops of your stockings roll down with every move you make, which leads you to yanking them up at inconvenient moments.

Ready for the good news? There are hosiery options out there for those of us who want to have all our bases (and bellies and crotches and legs and tushes) covered. And they go way beyond the cheap control-top pantyhose you pick up at the drugstore.

Shapermint offers hosiery products that not only stay firmly in place, but also compliment your curves with booty-accentuating and tummy-controlling designs.

Let’s take a look at Shapermint’s collection of body-shaping hosiery that will have you confidently serving up fabulous fall looks.

1) Rock the Catwalk: Co’Coon High Waist Paris Tights

Textured, sheer tights were all over New York Fashion Week this year. With the Co’Coon High Waist Paris Tights, you’ll tame your tummy while staying on trend. Tip: team those tights up with kitten heels and you’ll look like you just stepped off the runway. Rowr.

Co’Coon High Waist Paris Tights

2) Go Back-to-School Chic: Co’Coon High-Waisted Opaque Tights

Kids aren’t the only ones who can carry off the school girl skirt. With a flirty kilt skirt, a pair of solid-color tights and on-point accessories and shoes, you can bring grown-up sophistication to a classic outfit––without looking like you’re walking around in a costume.

Unless you want to wear a school girl costume. No judgement. You do you.

Co’Coon opaque high-waisted tights will add an extra spark of color and coverage while you flaunt your classroom-inspired ensemble.

Co’Coon High-Waisted Opaque Tights

Even Kate Middleton is a fan of the kilt-and-tights combo!

Kate Middleton kilt-and-tights combo

3) Bring on the Black: Co’Coon Opaque Wild Print High Waist Tights

You can be marvelously monochrome without being (yawn) monotonous. Just slip on your favorite black dress, a pair of black tights and matching black booties, top it off with a colorful cardi or jacket and BAM: you have yourself a super-stylish, go-anywhere look.

With Co’Coon wild print high-waisted tights, you can incorporate a playful pattern to subtly break up all the black while bringing the belly-smoothing babe-a-liciousness. (Is that a word? It is now.)

Opaque Wild Print Tights

4) Pencil In Your Workwear: Co’Coon Vitamin E Butt-lifting Pantyhose

CURVY GALS: FEAR NOT THE PENCIL SKIRT! Seriously: pencil skirts are made to cling to your hips and booty (think Joan in Mad Men), so wear it loud and proud. And with high-waisted pencil skirts being the thing now, you have the opportunity to OWN your curves wearing Co’Coon Vitamin E Butt-lifting Pantyhose. Joan, hold all our calls.

Co’Coon Vitamin E Butt-lifting Pantyhose

5) Give Falling-Down Stockings The Boot: Co’Coon Racy Lacy Thigh-high Stockings

You know what duo longs to be in the spotlight instead of always waiting in the wings? Your thighs. Those sexy gals are tired of being hidden away, and they want to invite their best friends, thigh-high boots, to co-star in a fall fashion extravaganza, featuring a miniskirt, a slouchy sweater, and thigh-high stockings as supporting players.

And with Co’Coon Racy Lacy Thigh-high Stockings with no-slip strips, you’ll never have to sneak into the ladies’ room to pull them up again. Bravo, thighs. Bravo.

Co’Coon Vitamin E Butt-lifting Pantyhose

6) Culotte? More like Cool-lot! Co’Coon Invisible Pantyhose

Whether you love ‘em or give ‘em the side-eye, it doesn’t look like the culotte trend is going anywhere this year. The wonderful thing about these cropped, voluminous pants is that you can wear them year-round with the right layers and accessories. No need to store them away during the colder seasons: just pull on some fab ankle or riding boots and you’re good to go. Also, culottes always look fantastic with heels.

Worried that the short, wide-legged trousers will make you look...short and wide?


 Invisible Pantyhose

First of all, culottes come in all kinds of lengths and silhouettes, for all body types. If you’re short-legged, high-waisted culottes will help create the illusion of more length. If you’re tall and curvy, a longer-length culotte that hits your ankles, paired with a hip-skimming duster or jacket, offers a breezy look that compliments your contours.

Second of all, with Co’Coon invisible pantyhose smoothing down your waistline under your cropped pant and giving you an added layer of warmth, your legs will look like they go on for days. Better yet: no pantylines.

7) Fearlessly Flaunt Your Bod: Co’Coon High Waist Pantyhose

Your beautiful shape isn’t meant to be hidden under bulky layers! Come out of hiding with a simple, sexy bodycon style dress and a pair of edgy ankle boots. Slip on a long, flowy cardigan when it gets chilly. The look celebrates your curves in all the right ways, especially if you’re wearing Co’Coon High Waist Pantyhose.

These lightweight hose feature a gentle, super-smoothing technology that keep your tummy, waist and hips right where they should be, while giving your bum a boost.

High Waist Pantyhose

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